Tuesday, January 04, 2005

To the kind Englishperson {man? woman?} - I have finally replied to your inquery as to my interest in 18th century England. I probably should have made it a post all its own, but ... well, I'm lazy like that.

Thank you coming to see my blog!

Because I'm Such a Copycat


Write those words right under the ones I have possessed [at least] since college : "Most Uncooperative Bitch Ever Known"

I am in the process of moving my blog over to my own domain, mostly because it hasnt taken long for me to remember that Blogger doesnt have a viable category filing system and I do so miss that about Moveable Type.

Sorry Blogger.com. It's a nice deal, but I'm moving on. We can still be friends, right?

Saturday, January 01, 2005

She's Tidied Up and I Can't FIND Anything!

Twisted Spinster has become Victory Soap in MoveableType land. I myself have been wanting to move, but have not had the opportunity to sit down with the mechanics of uploading the program and such. Andrea Harris won't even be letting you know exactly who it is that is putting the smack-down on the lefty looniness that still persists on the web. Her site, however, has always been a favorite to read, so part of *my* New Year Blog Resolution is to make sure the upgrade is made in my blog list.

Scrub 'em clean, Andrea!

Thursday, December 30, 2004


I *have* been meaning to blog more, but the holidays and life has rather taken precedence. There was a white Christmas eve, traveling, visiting my ailing grandmother, more traveling, a visit to NASA/Johnson Space Center, and relative goofing around the house, not to mention making a definitive decision to homeschool. Which means more thought towards planning the new year in ways I had never dreamed of than towards bloggerdom. As I said in my first post, I am writing this because I can't help myself. I like it too much, but I am not aiming for a stupendous audience, and in no way could I measure up to the bloggers who have captured our attention this past year. They have been gifted with something wonderful. I only stand in their shadow as an imitator and someone who wishes to float alongside.

As so many other bloggers have rallied to the victims of the tsunami, I feel my own prattlings about it to be rather redundant, not to mention, relatively trite in the face of much more eloquent words and reports; so, all I will say about it now is : God bless them all and may He be with them, heart and soul. The question should not be if or why God 'did' this but rather, how or what we, His children, can do to let God be the Wonderful Healer that He is. He works through us, not through the enormous mechanism of the tectonic plates, or the rise of the seas, which He indeed created, but it was for our wonder and appreciation and awe. He is the Artist. He has Informed us of His Creation. We know what we should be about on His creation. And to see Him in the rise of empathy and sorrow and grieving for the victims is evidence that we recognize what our purpose is.

Inspiration in the Blogosphere

Great glory, she sounds like me!

I don't read the bible enough, nor pray enough, worshipping is hard for me in a group setting, I get irritated when the pastor tells me to "turn to someone and say [insert spiritual catch phrase]" and have a propensity to use salty language when provoked. Have tonnes of people to forgive, have flashes of hot temper, get *really* bored during dry sermons and do not bother to hide my lack of, uhm, enthusiasm. Worse, I have sexual thoughts. *gasp!*

Well...except for the part about being a journalist (I am not) and that she's single (I am married). All in all, though it's a thrill to find someone of a kindred spirit.

Well, MessyChristian is the second such person I have run into that is walking the path I am tottering along. The Anchoress is the first. She is an Oblate in the Order of St. Benedict. Our similiarities are in the fact that I am also a Benedictine, although only of the Associate nature, a mere grubling in the beauties of the monastic tradition. And we are separated by the variation of the Catholic faith in that she is Roman Catholic and I am Anglican Catholic.

I grew up Roman Catholic, but have left it. Not by any cataclysmic trauma (although I do blame an incident in college for the first break...I'll have to choose another time to explain. It wasn't THE reason, but the genesis of my looking at my background with a different viewpoint); nor was it because I have any profound ecclesiastical or theological disagreement with the RCC.

I take that back. There is the exclusion of the Holy Eucharist from those NOT of the RCC. This, in my eyes, is wholly unacceptable in a community that professes the desire to bring the sinners back to God. The Eucharistic Feast is nothing if not the communion between God and man. To make petty stipulations of membership before allowing the sinner to approach is the height of ... well, to coin a current epithet : "stinginess."

But on the whole, as an Anglican, there really isn't much difference between what I grew up with and what I now practice. Except that God answered my prayer for a path, and a mentor, and answered in a way deeply personal and beautiful to me. Some might call the moment my being 'saved.' I call it getting a taste of the Joy that is God in Heaven, a moment when God's Angel touched me with a Spear of Joy... and it was almost too much to bear. Looking back, I cannot imagine my having that experience if I had remained in the RCC. The way was shut to me in so many different ways. I was dead, and then brought to Life.

Both these bloggers are an inspiration to me, helpful bottles of messages in the sea of cyberspace. I had no idea y'all were out there. But I am glad you are speaking up.

Blessed be the Name of God, forever and ever!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

By way of relapsed catholic an EXCELLENT article on the Twelve Days of Christmas, the lack of Christmas spirit, and its history.

I grew up with my RCC priest admonishing that this liturgical season was often ignored, much to the apathy of his congregation. My parents, however, made sure that the tree stayed up at least until the Wise Men came. I try to carry on that tradition as well now. The wise men figures are relegated to an out of the way corner of the house until the Sunday when the Star of Bethlehem shows up. Joy is not cut off simply because the next door neighbor drags his stale tree to the curb the day after Christmas. I wonder how many who complain that Christmas has been secularized are the same ones who declare it over the minute December 26 is born? How many congratulate themselves that they are not like those Catholics who cling to their 'unChristian' traditions while stacking up the boxes of ornaments in the attic to moulder for another year?

In all of this, I can only surmise that this 'new' attack upon our faith is something we have brought upon ourselves, and a long time in coming.

Modern suburbs do not have a church in a public square at the center of town. Most don't have a public square at all and the true community center is the shopping mall. While many people complain that lawyers and activists have "taken Christ out of Christmas," the truth is more complex than that. The reality is that almost everyone is skipping the 12-day Christmas season, including church people.

Then again, with the ACLU being the main progenitor of this attack, I also wonder : how many Muslims are members?

Monday, December 20, 2004

Proud to Be Irish

This interview between Rush Limbaugh and a caller from Northern Ireland makes me glad I am a FReeper...and why I hope so much that bloggers and independent media gain a foothold in Europe and the British Isles. Its slowly coming now that the Internet has been growing by leaps and bounds, but the more bloggers write and do the job that the mainstream media refuse to do, the more it will catch fire.

We live in interesting times, do we not?!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Pop Rocks Will KILL You!

A corollary to the BB Gun Scare that Ralphie suffered under.

I remember when these came out and how seriously everyone took the horror stories of how some kid somewhere in some podunk county went on a wild tear and ate every bag of Pop Rocks he could get his hands on, and guzzled beer and Coke (not Sprite - it wasnt as strong), only to explode ka-BOOM! in front of everyone.

Well...maybe not that wild of a story, but Pop Rocks went from being a really cool novelty to a deadly weapon.

Blast From the Past

Like David Benzion, the revelation that there would be a Fat Albert movie was an 'unexpected' blast from the past, and totally welcome. Also like David, I too would sit and watch the popular cartoon in the 70s, giggling over the funny situations and funny voices that Bill Cosby used for his various characters. If I didn't know better, I'd swear the kid wearing the oversized knitted hat over his face was the out-take of Cosby's Dentist Chair routine. "FI-Bbbrrrr!!! Muh Mowfbfbbb ibb on FI-BBbrrrrr!!!"

It was no wonder that Cosby felt so familiar to us in the 80s when he broke ground with "The Cosby Show"...a delightful show that new generations, like my daughter, are discovering. She was terribly disappointed to learn that it was canceled ages ago....kind of like my disappointment that Tolkien had died three years previous to my introduction to hobbits.

Well, at least Cosby is still around, bless his soul!

The daughter, however, is not impressed with the Fat Albert adverts...despite the fact that it is Bill Cosby. Too bad. *I'll* go to the theatres and have fun. I am starting to think the kids movies are a lot more interesting anyway, which is the same situation I am finding with books. Haven't found a decent adult book to read since I finished "Blue at the Mizzen" (Patrick O'Brian).

Hey hey hey...it's Fat Albert!!!

Don't Forget Who Fights the Beast

Oh, and people...

If you happen to see a young man or woman in their military dress ANYWHERE...PLEASE go up to them and shake their hand and say "THANK YOU!" I don't think they are hearing that enough.

The look on the young Marine's face that I shook hands with this morning told me *I* havent done enough to let our soldiers know just how much they are appreciated back home.

Well...it was shake his hand or kiss the bloody hell out of him. Don't think the hubby would have liked it if I had done the latter.

Ancient Chinese Secret

Time to bring out all the recipes and cooking utensils to make cookies for the gift baskets we are making. We were going to make the famous Italian Family Biscotti, passed down from great grandma Amalie to Aunt Ulda to various and asundry cousins and grandkids...but Dad beat me to it. Nothing left now but to make my increasingly popular seed-cake and hope for the best. One recipe I have not ventured to make in the Italian Family Cookbook is the tiramisu recipe. The only time I have seen this tried out was a couple of family reunions back...and it was stupendous...as in "whoever can get possession of it will kill to fight the others off" stupendous. But its ingredients are expensive to get nowadays, so that has been the only factor keeping me from it.

Lucianne.com used to have a 'share the recipes' extravaganda that was immensely fun to participate in. I shared recipes for gnocci, tiramisu and a black bean and corn salad that could best be described as "throw it all in a bowl and stir" recipe - the best kind of recipe, Lucianne pointed out.

But there *is* one recipe I have been searching endlessly for the last several years that I saw once on Molto Mario on the Food Network. It was briefly on his website, and I printed it out...only to have it die a greasy death some months later when I wasn't being a particularly neat housewife/cook. And I have been on a quest for it since then.

It was a recipe for what he called Italian pralines, using white granulated sugar, pinenuts, and candied orange peel. It LOOKED delicious and appropriately Italian. Something I would have loved to monopolize as a 'traditional' gift of my own specialty. The kind of thing where, when people ask "what's the recipe?" you smile broadly and say "ancient Chinese secret!" (name that commercial!)

Well, for now I have to settle for sugar cookies and seed cake. The seed cake is becoming the aforementioned type recipe, although most people are not all too interested in caraway seed and not-so-sweet cake. But I have had fun figuring out ways to make it moist and flavorful, the kind of cake that make people keep testing it out in mouthfuls, eating more just so they can figure out if they like it or not. Its been fun watching people's reaction to it. My mother is already a fan and has requested it again and again for the last three Christmases.

What's my recipe?

HA HA...ancient Chinese secret!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Harrison Ford is such a twonk. An actor who used eschew the paparazzi and profess a disinterest in political commentary, Ford has become an actor who opens his mouth to prove himself the epitome of a metrosexual and a man of the world. Oh the dichotomy! Oh, the bank account!

I went from viewing him as an underappreciated actor who gained my respect for his demeanor towards Hollywood and apparent disinterest in glamour (I remember his first appearance on David Lettermas show...Ford REEKED of embarrassment and discomfort), even in his women (Mathison is no raving beauty, from what I remember) ... to recoiling in horror at the visage of someone who could not refrain from wearing black turtlenecks, an earring, and giggling profusely under the fawning goo-gooing of Perky Katie while under the hot lights of the Good Morning American studios...or opening up his brain cells long enough (the ones that are still asleep from his days of snoring in college) to espouse his distaste for 'liberal' gun laws (pal Speilberg excepted right? I mean, he can have a big gun collection because, you know, he won't whup your derriere with them...everyone else should have bull whips, no?) and how this whole 'war in Iraq' thing is just a big diplomatic brawl out of control.


Well maybe not quite such the twonk - - he at least only 'flirted' with the idea of playing Kinsey. But now, I'm thinking less of Neeson. S'shame, really...will never look at QuiGon the same way again.

Shut Down the Borders NOW

Why isn't anyone in Washington listening?!?!

Friday, December 17, 2004

Houston, We Have a Blog

One of the blogs I like to read and have failed to mention is the new group blog led by local conservative radio pundits, KSEV, Dan Patrick and fellow Houstonian bloggers, designed to face down the outright leftism of Houston's one and only hard-copy newspaper, the Houston Chronicle...or, as is 'lovingly' dubbed by people in the know, the Houston Comical. It began as ChronicallyBiased.com, but Mr. Patrick, ever with his eye upon the highly intelligent and vastly conservative community of the Houston area, rapidly gathered under his aegis some wonderful writers to format and post the larger project of Lone Star Times. Patrick and his friends have long been a vital force for conservative activism and are people whom I consider to be Serious and Useful....as opposed to the propped up 'conservatism' as dictated by Clear Channel. My one wish is that Rush Limbaugh is able to find a way broadcast on KSEV rather than KPRC, but as he has had such a long standing relationship with Clear Channel, I don't think it is likely. I enjoy Chris Baker on KPRC when I am in a lighthearted mood, but he comes nowhere close to being the serious conservative that Houston is used to as Ed Hendi and Dan Patrick are about issues concerning the city and the state. I learn nothing from Baker a majority of the time.

David Benzion sends his Christmas wishes to everyone!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hobbit Overload

I love it when bloggers go on LOTR rants. Especially about the hobbits. I agree with everything Rachel has to say, except that I really do think Billy Boyd is funny. It's Dom who likes to tell you how funny he is. Billy just is.

But then, again, I'm prejudiced.

And I did NOT think the movies did Merry and Pippin justice. Both actors did their parts well and delivered strong characterization...I just have a strong dislike of their interpretation of the characters' and their roles.

And don't get me started on the friendship between Gandalf and Pippin. ARGH!

Eomer was so damn cool though, as was Faramir in my opinion. The movie (by which I mean to encompass the director, the writers, and actors as an entity) did well in bringing these characters to life, even making Boromir a character with whom one can sympathise (in the book he's an utter creep!) and Eomer a solid, distinguished and likeable person, as opposed to this distant and formal one that I kept seeing in the book. And I am one of those rare people who thought the intensification of Faramir's character was more appropriate to the telling of the story than if it had been done EXACTLY as Tolkien wrote it. I don't know if it is because I'm American, but somehow, every time Tolkien wrote his characters in such a way as to make them appear noble and lofty and above it all, my interest in the character shut down. Perhaps it is a characteristic of people who have a king for a ruler that can find such things easy to interpret and understand. My own American eyes just sees someone trying to do their job. A character that sits around and TALKS about how hard it is to do what he is doing does not impress me as much as SEEING a soldier in desperate situation try his best to put up a strong front. The movie showed Faramir as a SOLDIER, and I loved it.

The only gripe I have about the whole Faramir/Ithilden set up is that it would have been more fun to see Sam spar with Faramir more. Sam was not easily impressed either, especially when it came to doing HIS job, that of looking after Frodo. I think seeing those two with similar purposes work it out would have been a really neat feature of the film.

But then, it's REAL easy to forget that most viewers have not read the books...and there are quite a few who have and still say "I don't get it." Oh well!

But dang...it's easy to forget about ALL that when it's David Wenham playing the part....

Okay, that's enough drooling for me today.

Out of the Whirlpool

Clearing out my bookmarks :

Tim Blair toggles the latest edict of the Moon god worshippers : no more standing up to pee. As one of the commenters pointed out : no wonder the Left loves the muslims so. Islam takes micromanagement to new heights!

Generation X Marks the Spot

Yet another Tim Blair toggle : coral is taking over! Run for your liiiiiiiives!!!*

* brought to you by my usual disgust at the vile and constant contradictions the EnviroWhacks bring to the table when discussing how best to steward God's Creation.

And what is enviromentalism without a bit of nihilistic fervor? I do so hope the Bush Administration is tagging groups like Greenpeace et al along with Hamas and the PLO. Someone needs to make the envirowhacks the example that they aren't anything more sacred than the piss they put out. Just because you gush about cute little seals doesnt exempt you from punishment if you act like a barbarian.

Just because it gives me pleasure to contemplate the paradox : MoveOn.org says "who's your daddy!?"

By way of Absinthe & Cookies (see how I am in a borrowing mood today?!) - a link to a VERY insightful piece concerning the history of political parties/thought in early America (The Jawa Report.) One of the most wonderful things in researching 18th century English society was discovering just where it was our Founding Fathers' were coming from. Of course the public schools gave warped and incomplete pictures of them, even before multiculti and politically correct perversion set in : the depths of history and thought and feeling are deep. As someone who has made a personal trek through research of that time period, this article is deeply appreciated.

Michele's Small Victory serves up PORN! (what will that do for my hits, I wonder?) Actually, it's her take on the venting of a couple of men whose experience with women has not, shall we say, been all that comforting to their sense of well-being. As a female, I am sorry they have had the worst of it from members of my gender, but think that if I were to run across them at this stage, I'd run the other way. NOT because I want to be ordered around, but because they have obviously proven they are not willing to stand their ground. Somehow, they have decided that women are incapable of trying to do what men always do with women : push to see how far and how much they can get. In other words, women are HUMAN! AS IF men don't do what they do to see just how far they can score with a woman! As if, as a married women, some men haven't put out feelers to see if I am willing to abandon principles and take them up on their offer, just so they can have a reason to bash and hate me later. Oh, yes. That's what women are all about I guess! /sarcasm OFF.

One of the hardest lessons *I* have learned in my love life is no one respects an ass-kisser...and I have done my share of ass-kissing...which finally left me with the question : who's the more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?

Sheesh, guys - - Ferris Bueller could have set you straight!

C.S. Lewis is not the person a lot of Christians think he is. Colson points out what I have been feeling, but don't have the smarts to elucidate : tradition is more than just old stuff that has no relevance today. It has, in fact much to teach us about how to hold on to the faith and freedom we hold so dear.

Speaking of faith - someone has called for a Saint of Virtuality ie the Internet.

And they said capitalism is evil! What the Left does not want you to notice.

A man after my own heart : Victor David Hanson compares Europe to Ents. (Told you I was cleaning out my bookmarks!)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

By way of Ith (hello, Ith!!) at Absinthe & Cookies:


And on a tear....excellent!!! And second post out of box has me wanting to rant myself about how much I HATE HATE HATE the hairstyles as much as she does....only I've been hating them for quite some time...I have a hairdresser horror story of my own. At least Rachel didnt look in the mirror and feel like she had just dived into the special sauce pan at McDonalds, with great globs of yellow "highlights" which were supposed to even out the dried-ketchep stain of my hair. What was worse was that after specifically telling the hairdresser that I did NOT want to look like all the other hair-in-the-face-marcia-marcia-marcia-clones that populated the hairstyle books and fashion zines...she proceeds to do exactly that. One half of my hair was piled on top of my head in a fuzzy lump, and the bottom half was pulled and straightened with lots of hairspray until it looked like boards hanging down like badly strung earrings.

It took me THREE HOURS to wash it out.

I hate modern fashion. I *do* wish everyone would quit referring to the 80s hair as just 'big.' I recall every style under the sun and a variety of styles that would flatter, not just hairmetal frizz out of control. I never understood that particular fascination then either...but I speak as someone who has naturally curly hair and was quite sick of looking like she had stuck her hair in a light socket all the time.

Good to see you, Rachel!!

AND ...

also by way of Ith, information ABOUT absinthe at Beautiful Atrocities. It's all your fault, Ith. I have been fascinated ever since I ran across your blog.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I feel a template change coming on, which means my links, the precious few that I have, will disappear...maybe.

Bear with me. I learned everything there is to know about template changes from Andrea Harris.

I Got the Precious!!

I got it I got it!!! I got the precious ROTK EE Gift set!!! Minas Tirith in all it's beautiful glory. All that is missing is Pippin on Shadowfax and that white haired fellow who keeps insisting that Pippin get out of the way.

Then I opened it...all these little pieces fell out.


And now I can't watch it until I take it all the way back into to town and exchange it.

We hate's packaging. Hates it forever.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Monday Blehs

Don't feel like blogging. Cousin is getting married this weekend and I have a house to fix up, although it will be my luck that no one will come calling. Just as well, cause next week is Christmas!!!!!!!

Went to a dinner party Saturday night to meet neighborhood homeschoolers. The people were VERY nice and found out one of them is a FReeper!! And the food was good, and the wine...and well, I had a nice time.

Went shopping this weekend too...that's what I live for anyway : to spend money!

Other than that, I don't feel a real need to talk politics right now. I don't even have the justification of a nasty cold, but the weather here has been so pretty I dont want to cloud it with nasty thoughts of libs vs conservatives. There are worse things to fear.

Well...that'll be my theory until something REALLY juicy comes along...

OH, almost forgot...MoveOn.org declared last Friday that it wanted to take over the Democrat party. I nearly died of laughter...convenient too, since it was the weekend, and it got slipped in under the radar of the Friday evening news, when everyone else has decided they wanted to turn their eyes away from the Political. Just REAL interesting, you know? But the BEST part of that is the entertaining thought that the Resurrection of the Clinton Legacy (please don't make me say 'rise'...) via Hildebeast may have just suffered a setback...what is that poor little Pretty In Pink Tammy Wynett Senator going to do, now that MoveOn has basically said to the Democrats "who's your Daddy?" and declared Centrists persona non grata???

Either that, or its a conspiracy for something deeper...

Bah, humbug. It's Christmas, dammit. I'm gonna go have some eggnog.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

There Will Be Hell To Pay, Indeed

Peggy Noonan writes her thoughts about the looming prospects of yet another Clinton presidency. She speculates her chances are very good for candidacy, but not for presidency. These are my feelings as well, although I think Noonan cuts her too much slack. Clinton has not ventured into Middle America to this day because she knows what the reaction will be...and one can only achieve so much with Listening Tours. There are far too many of us who would love to make sure she 'listens' to us.

Sharpen your swords, Eowyn Voters. The Witch-King approaches.

Reference material :

Hell to Pay - the late Barbara Olson, may she rest in peace. September 11, 2001.

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

One of the joys of the season is the return of old favorites : Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and A Christmas Story.

That's right. A Christmas Story. My husband's family introduced me to this spunky little film not too long after we got married and it never fails to amuse. Poor little Ralphie, whose Ultimate Quest for the Red Ryder BB Gun is met with numerous pitfalls, annoyances, obstacles, and frights.

After we open our presents Christmas Eve and I settle in to enjoy the remainder of dinner, I'll be staying up as late as my eyes can be propped open to watch it again and again.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

And a Chicken In a Bah Nah Nah Tree!

As usual, I am behind the curve inasfar as current news to blog about, so here are some links :

Vox Day has a few words to share concerning the torquing-up of Political Correct salutations this season : "it is time to realize that the gloves are off and the gauntlet has been thrown down. The TV shows of our childhood have come to life and the Christmas grinches are real."

Hey Nannies! See any Beavis and Butthead lately? Heh heh heh ... I said "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"




Dr. Domenick Maglio - Thought control weakening. I wonder how apoplectic the Left would get if we started playing Pink Floyd's The Wall as protest against them??? Just a thought...

No One Right Goth

I think I can be fairly safe in saying that if you asked any of my former classmates and friends from way-back-when, that I was NOT, in any way, shape, or form, a Goth.

So. Will they believe me now when I say that I AM a Goth?! And it's not in anything I wear, or even the kind of music I like...in fact, I am probably too chipper and optimistic to really fit in with the goth community. The only question left in my mind is how Goth is it to not only be aware of the suffering in the world, but to also actively pursue ways of relieving it? It is this that describes my Christian journey, my spiritual track back to God; and Goths are nothing if not spiritual-minded.

I have always, and still do, find myself invariably drawn towards the things other Goths revel in : period clothing, a love of cemetaries, an ear for those things that express a voice from The Other Side, and a yearning for the classical. That, and the fact that I have always felt like I was On the Outside Looking In (and am just fine with that...well, most of the time) and have long held a deep suspicion that being an individual is not exactly appreciated in the mainstream anyway. So, you see, the world of Goth seems more like Home than anything else.

I have enjoyed HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, but more often than not, I'd really rather daydream about Jack Aubrey or Peregrin Took (note : two very optimistic characters). I *think* I like the Cure and other Goth music, not to mention the ever-moody Celtic music; but just as happily cling to my Men At Work/Stevie Nicks/Big Country/80s pop for musical entertainment....plus jazz is just too darn good to forget. There is just so much good music out there that its hard for me to say "I only stick with certain kinds."

What delighted me the most was to find out that I really was not the only one who felt this way...and the sense of community IS NOT from the fact that there are common musical tastes etc. It is from the sense that American conservativism has very Gothic manifestations...yea, even Vice Presidential ones.

If being an individualist with a desire to see all that was good preserved from the past so that future generations can continue in prosperity, then I am indeed a Goth. But don't be fooled by appearances...and don't listen to what old acquaintances may say. I was just waiting for the right time to reveal myself. BEHOLD!

Well, if all that's hard to swallow, I promise I won't try to pass myself off as punk. I have too much respect for those guys.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Will You Still Love Me When I'm 65?

Neal Boortz gives a clarion call to the younger set : AARP has declared war on you!

Like Boortz, I don't think we're going to be real happy.

Monday, December 06, 2004

How To Tawk Texan

New to Texas? Wandered south of the Red River and STILL don't know your way around? Perhaps its because you haven't learned the lingo, pahdnuh.

Go to Texas Country Reporter and learn your y'all's and fixin's.

Who am I really?

You Are a Visionary Soul
You are a curious person, always in a state of awareness.Connected to all things spiritual, you are very connect to your soul.You are wise and bright: able to reason and be reasonable.Occasionally, you get quite depressed and have dark feelings.
You have great vision and can be very insightful.In fact, you are often profound in a way that surprises yourself.Visionary souls like you can be the best type of friend.You are intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, and a good healer.
Souls you are most compatible with: Old Soul and Peacemaker Soul

What Kind of Soul Are You?

Our generation will get it right!

Somehow I doubt Phil Collins will appreciate the fact that I appropriated a lyric from his anti-Reagan/anti-nukes song to laud my generational peers as being the inheritors of the Reagan Revolution. Perhaps he should spend more of his own money and time taking care of all those homeless and less time telling my country what to do when he has no experience himself. I gotcher day in paradise raaaatcheer.....

Anyway, because I am part of a ping-list on Free Republic for those who share a generational experience of growing up in the 70s and 80s...otherwise known as Generation X...I get tagged for any number of articles written about that pesky non-label reactionary generation that refused to listen to all the admonitions of their hippie parents to 'let it be' and 'if it feels good, do it.' And invariably, someone outside the perimeter of 1965-1981 weighs in on the subject. Sometimes, some even tries to piss on our parade.

But it won't do : ours is the generation that went from festering in a heavily clouded malaise in the 70s to waking up with a shining city on the hill in our sights.

We looked upon Ronald Reagan as the Grandpa who winked and nodded at us with a amused twinkle in his eyes whenever Old Man Hippie frothed and frathered his rant against The Establishment.

He was the Quintessential Cowboy who faced down all those doddering old Sovietskis with their crumbling empire, propped up with Iron toothpicks and mumbling socialist platitudes, faced them all down with a big smile and a loud voice : tear down this wall! And it came down!

Even Kay S. Hymowitz of City Journal says Generation X looks more like their grandparents' generation. It's only in the latter part of the article that I start to lose track of who exactly she is talking about; she begins to talk more of the Millennials, whom I can only guess means those born after 1980. To be sure, this group has a completely different perspective even from mine...and thankfully, they are picking up very conservative and constructive signals. But the implication that Generation X is the childish past is not true. I think the producers of Gilmore Girls still think of Generation X as the children they could never manipulate, thus childish.

Because Hildabeast is a pig, that's why.

Can you believe this? It's a NYTimes article, and I refuse to sign up for it, so I gave the Free Republic link. Everyone knows Hillary Clinton was just WAITING for November 3 to start floating balloons for the 2008 Elections, but this article indicates to me that even the Ice Bitch (see Gary Aldrich) STILL clings to the notion of Style over Substance. One gets the idea from this article that the focus group designed to campaign for her didnt get the memo stating that the American people are no longer Oprahfied in their understanding of politics.

"a problem that has dogged her since her days as first lady: an entrenched bloc of voters who simply do not like her."

Meh. Try this on for size, nitwits : I have a real grudge to burn against Hildabeast for her 1993 attempt to take over 1/7th of the nation's economy with her Socialists' Eugenics Program, aka National Healthcare. I say to you now, and I'll say it to her face if I ever get the chance : if her pogrom had been successfully implemented, it is conceivable that my daughter and I would NOT have lived through it. She was a preemie, I lost three litres of blood in two hours. The doctor's cost was in the five-digit range and climbing by the end of the evening. There would have been NO kickback waiting for him under her plan. And he would have faced REAL and hurtful consequences if he had, under that "healthcare system", said what he actually said to me that night : "if its a choice between you and the baby, I'm saving the baby."

For which I am eternally grateful...but Hildabeast wouldn't have liked that.

Go remind yourself what her Healthcare would have meant, and you'll understand why I say now : I have watched, I have recorded, I will teach, and there's nothing you can do about it.

So, RUN HILDABEAST RUN. I'm waiting for you.

Update -- I had a feeling this was true - Hildabeast may not have been able to get it done, but others were watching and took up the battle for her. This supports my belief that there is a reason why our insurance has gone to hell in a handbasket. Hillarycare is being implemented anyway...under our noses and in secret.

"These two cases are highlighted from among scores of similar outrages that have been — and continue to be — committed as the leviathan state’s health police consolidate their hold on what has been the world’s finest health care system. While the rejection of the Clinton Administration’s HillaryCare socialized medicine scheme was a victory for both doctors and patients, the sobering reality is that supporters of centralized socialist medicine are pursuing HillaryCare on an installment plan."

Read the whole thing. It's scary. And I am right about my "postmonition" in regards to my delivery of my child.

More where that came from -- It took me most of the day, but here is a good portion of it : text from a booklet written by Christian Josi and passed out by the American Conservative Union. I looked all over the ACU site for a link to it, but was unsuccessful. However I have no doubt that if you contact them, they may have copies to send you. I got one in the mail back in 2000 and have hung onto it. Very valuable explanation of what Hillarycare entailed. ** Take note of the Gatekeepers. Think about it. We're real close to that today with HMOs shoving PPOs out of the way.

I am worried that lawyer minions and interest groups have shoved it under the radar, where we are too caught up in the details to notice the Big Picture. Hildabeast must be giggling into her coffee cup.

This, along with Immigration control, should be the key domestic issues for Bush in his second term. His first term was extraordinary. I hope the second one belies all the historic indication.

OH WOW!!!! - Christian Josi is a Jazz artist! Cool! I love jazz.

Back to Seriousness

Don't know if it's the weather or not, but have been trying NOT to get dragged down by the perpetual muggy-quasi-winter of the Texas coast. Andrea Harris sounds as if she has been having much the same conditions and I can sympathise. She's in much better shape than I am to enact the perfect solution to such a mood : shopping. As it is, I have to comfort myself with the thought that this Saturday will be the check-book blowout.

must not bid on eBay....!

Andrea also has an excellent post on that 'problem' religion...you know the one. It teaches about how one should only worship one god, exercise discernment as much as forgiveness, especially in the footsteps of God Incarnate, and actively welcome those who are seeking the same salvation. Her post has more to do with the latest evolution in the "God is Therapy" movement of heresy, but the commenters have as much to illuminate as Andrea.

Have I ever mentioned I love Ben Stein? Well I do. Mention it. I love Ben Stein. I have one word to describe Leftism : projectionism. Seems to be one facet all their psychologists forget to mention in therapy.

OOOOO....MsFalconersCabanaBoy has figured out a way to make the Tobacco Nazis go BA-zerk! : RYO. Can you imagine the Tobacco Nazis spewing latte-juice from their noses in realizing they forgot to hammer down on a person's ability to circumvent the economic punishments of tobacco use?!?

I love giving Nanny-statists' noses a good hard tweak. It's the rebel in me, I guess.

Oh, speaking of tobacco and a lover of cigars (I seem to have an asthmatic reaction to the paper in cigarettes), I had to have a long talk with my daughter about the EEEEEEvils of cigarettes.

No, the ten year old did not start smoking. On the contrary, she has become adamantly against smoking. Which is good. Except, that she came to me repeating the information the school nurse gave them about smoking (she attends a private school, so there is no scapegoat of government-speak...well, almost...), little fact-bytes that had my eyebrows rising as much as if she had confessed to smoking a doobie in the girl's bathroom.

One "fact" in particular that she regurgitated was that "the cigarette companies do not put the same warning labels on cigarettes sold to women as they do to cigarettes sold to men, the one that says smoking can damage babies," etc. - - they leave off that information because they don't want women to stop buying cigarettes!

As if they know ahead of time that Margaret Down the Street will pull into the local Stop-And-Shop and single out THAT particular box.

My first reaction to this was WHAT?! My daughter insisted. Not only that, she felt people should be MADE to stop smoking because it was so bad.

Ah, here it was, one of those parenting moments you always hear about, where a parent is torn between praising the righteousness of their child and warning them against an overabundance of self-superiority, not to mention conveying a healthy appreciation for individual choices. Which is what the conversation became : how even though bad habits have bad consequences, the only person she can control is her own choices.

Fortunately, my child is smarter than me and caught on without too much lecturing.

I just hope it sticks...and she won't be too alarmed when I sneak out to the back patio to enjoy a Partagas after a nice meal.



Sat and watched the last portion of A&E's 'Ben Franklin'. Tell me : am I a complete twonk for thinking Ben Franklin was a pervert with a slight case of genius (as opposed to a genius with a slight case of perversion)??? The man must have been one charismatic old dog, because women certainly couldn't have been attracted to him for his looks.

Then again, a majority of those women were raging French.

With my usual conservative eye, I noted how one historian seemed to revel in gyrating the history of this man into an odyssey of 'outgrowing his [American provincial] boundaries' and that yes, there were some victims to that ie his children and wife of twenty years.

Franklin's pursuit of women was told in tones of admiration and marvel, when it seemed to me that the man was actually a dirty old man who had no qualms about salaciousness. For one such female prey, a woman who was half his age and married, it actually sounded as if he were harassing her with constant letters, referring to certain interests as a 'little boy' starving for 'attention.'

*shudder* That poor lady. And apparently, one firm 'NO' was not enough. She had to insist...constantly. Doesnt this sound like harassment to you?

No doubt this sort of thing was fairly common (I read novels!). But the sensibilities of the time were such that even a real gentleman knew when to stop...at least, that is what I have been able to gather. Ben Franklin struck me as someone who didn't...ever.

I was convinced of the foaming historian's slanted view when the subject of Franklin's editing of the Declaration of Independence came up. Apparently, Franklin scratched out Jefferson's particular words of 'sacred and undeniable' as being too 'religious' ("Myth Dispelled" in the television show : Franklin NOT a Quaker) in tone and meaning. Franklin felt, according to the historian-fanboy, that the document should reflect more Enlightenment sensibilities ie Truth is a Product Found Within Man Himself. Oh yeah?! How convenient that Historian FanBoy left out the remainder of that sentence "that all men are created equal." I guess Franklin did an oopsies! in specifying just exactly WHO the Creator was, because it sure would be a mystery to me if I clung to the belief that I am a self-evident god and all truth that existed came about because I just popped up out of the river somewhere...yet I am still CREATED equal.

Dammit to hell, if Truth is going to eminate from me as the Be-All and End-All and Don't Anyone Argue With Me Because My Truth is Just as Equal As Yours, then *I'm* going to make DAMN sure I am more powerful than you. Because, you know, YOUR Truth might end up being more accepted than mine...and we can't have that if *I* am God. If I am going to be Self-Evident, YOU will NOT be Equal to me!

I dunno, maybe I am too sensitive about such things (or woefully ignorant!), but it struck me as Really Obvious Revisionism that the program would make an effort to pick and choose the meanings of the Founding Documents and process them through a 20th Century Relativists' interpretation.

Apparently this historian is not the only one who has succumbed to the vagaries of revisionism.

Now, in reading this site, I avere that I am quite of the belief that the Decl. of Independence was probably of short-term purpose, but that does not mean its significance should be underrated.

I get this feeling that it really bothers the Left/Revisionists that Americans today actually do have a claim to the moral underpinnings of the Founding Fathers...and by dismissing documents like the Declaration as mere flotsam in the stream of history, it becomes their only defense against the admonition that America has the high-ground in terms of freedom.

God forbid we should ever be able to back that claim up! /sarcasm OFF.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Spinning in Infinity

I am reminded of the summer I stayed up in San Marcos to do archaeology field school and listened endlessly to the latest addition to the pop world, a solo album by Paul Simon, he of late Simon and Garfunkle fame, and exhusband of Carrie Fisher. I amused myself between the days of digging and Spanish classes with trying to figure out what he meant by all the lyrics written with Ladysmith Black Mambazo in mind. It must of have been that influence that set me up to do African culture research for a semester with the Witte Museum in San Antonio that fall.

(The picture in the background, by the way, is of the headwaters of the San Marcos River, at Aquarena Springs. I have a clear memory of being on one of the glass bottom boats and knocking my mother's glasses into the crystal clear waters. I wonder if any of those archaeologists have found them yet?????)

I dont know why I am reminded....one of the songs whose title I cannot dredge up at this hour of the night because my LPs are locked away in an unpacked box somewhere, waiting for my inspiration to purchase a turntable and introduce my daughter to the snap and crackle of needle on vinyl. I'll just say it's late at night and I don't feel like going to bed.


I am in search of all ladies clothes Laura Ashley. Oh, the wonders of the internet. I spent most of my teen years drooling over such stuff, painfully aware that my pocketbook would NEVER allow me the consistent charm of Laura Ashley finery. But now I can bid on it! Wheee!!


Spent most of this evening watching the Bonus portion of the Star Wars DVD set. Now I want to pull out all my memorabilia and croon over Han Solo again.

Speaking of the 80s, MsFalconersCabanaBoy has been waxing nostalgic over metal rock. Man...I hope he doesn't discover that I still have my Men At Work albums still stashed lovingly away.

OH, I gotta go to bed.

WAIT...before I forget...

1) I have a picture of Russell Crowe as Jack Aubrey of last year's Weir production "Master and Commander." No Mere Rake is Jack Aubrey in all his essence. I am a devoted fan of the 20 book series and have a thumping hard crush on the captain (and that before Crowe put him into action.) The link in the picture leads to a site chronicling the release of the movie.

2) I am an Eowyn Voter, even though I am FAR behind the times on this particular subject.

3) All you Monty Python lovers out there, there is now a MUSICAL starring David Hyde Pierce and Tim Curry, among others, a musical comedy called "SPAMalot."

You Monty Python fans are SICK. And I say that as a Red Dwarf Smeghead. But even I couldn't help giggling madly over the graphics and features of the site. Guess I have to accept that Pythonism is NOT DEAD YET!

Angels Watch Over Us

That much I truly believe, if nothing else. Enough of them have intervened in my life for me to see that Life is truly something to be thankful for.

The Anchoress opens her heart to us all in her latest post about her dying brother. Shakespeare wasn't kidding when he wrote "there is more to heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy..."

Death is but the beginning. How courageous are we next to her brother?

Friday, December 03, 2004

Is that my Park Place you've landed on?

I don't normally like boardgames, but I found that I couldn't resist this one. Aaron's Rantblog has devised something called "Blogopoly" an internet game not unlike Carnival of the Vanities, only Aaron gives it a bit of a Pictionary twist to the "advancing" blogs.

I have swiped his logo to show y'all. Hope he doesn't mind.

Hope I can at least avoid the 'go to jail' card. I never was very good at board/bored games.

(By way of Twisted Spinster.)

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Classical Gas

It is with reserved joy that I can report that we are moving closer to homeschooling my daughter. This is something I have wanted to do for several years now, but the major job has been convincing my husband, whose apparent scholastic history never experienced the bumps and travesties mine did; who looks back on it all with a fondness I will NEVER feel for mine, even in my most nostalgic moments. As a good father, the last thing he wishes is to deprive his daughter (who has him WRAPPED around her little finger) of the same good life he had in his small town school.

We don't live in a small town. We live in the fastest growing county in the US. We don't live in the best school districts. We live in the school district I grew up in, and I can tell you, the teachers who remember STILL talk about the class of '85 as being the last "Good" class to have come out of it.

Unless we move to the outback of the heartland, I doubt we will ever find the kind of public school education both my husband and I grew up with...and I say that as a product of the New Math/Open Classrooms set.

We are looking, thus, at a few curriculums, one such being the Seton Catholic HSC. Another is one I discovered a few years back and responded to the same way my fellow blogger, Stephanie at One Sixteenth did : "That was the education I had always wanted for myself!"

I took Latin in high school, thrilled to death that I would get some of that classical stuff, but discovered I was not as good with languages as I thought I was. Trouble was, I didnt want to bother with the semantic technical aspects of it, but it was necessary if I were to master the language. Still, I came away with a deep appreciation for ancient Roman culture and believe that those Latin cultures have greatly influenced a lot of my understanding of history and knowledge. This is what I wish to impart to my child. I feel she will not be able to look back at the momentous things going on NOW with any sense of proportion unless she gets that classical education.

But oh, BOY, do I have a lot to prepare for myself! Hopefully all this plotting and planning will begin in January. I'm excited, I tell you. It'll be like...going back to school...the way *I* wanted to go to school.

Hang on...the school is for the daughter...not me....right....got it...

Tolkien vs. Kincade

By way of Sword and Spirit (thus of ++relapsed catholic++)an article discussing the nature of Christian art, art by Christians, and all the vagaries in between.

Every time I read an article like this, I can't help but smirk over the kind of pain this causes all the Hobbit Freaks (and I say that as a Hobbit Freak myself) who insist that Christianity has nothing at all to do with LOTR, yet claim to be respectful of Tolkien himself.

"For me the art of Tolkien rings truer than that of Kincade and more Christian as well. Ironically Kincade wants to be thought of as Christian in his art work, while Tolkien simply wished to tell a good story. Tolkien tells his story, but cannot avoid the influence of his own Christian faith finding its way into the deep issues addressed in the story, while Kincade seems to want to be reassuring, telling us all is just fine. He offers us a safe place, but leaves us ignorant of the dangers that confront us."

Monday, November 29, 2004

Mozart for Our Times?

By way of Free Republic, a thread discussing word of a musical prodigy that 60s minutes hailed as the 21st century's version of Mozart. The child, now 12 years of age, hears entire compositions in his head, full orchestral movements, and has been composing them unabated for several years now. Dubbing himself "Bluebird", Jay Greenberg has splashed into the musical world, causing not a little amazement or grumbling, depending on your view of music.

Here is a piece he has entitled "Overture 9/11". I listened to this piece and despite the fact that I am in no way to be mistaken for a musical connoisseur, liked it very much for the actual theme of the music. It was far more understated than I expected, as my more recent exposure to 20th century 'classical' has me expecting music to be thrown upon my ears like a Mondrian painting, all blockish and in bursts. Some are grumbling that he is "too young, too young" to be defined a genius, but how many people do YOU know who can not only hear complete symphonies in his head, but also inverse known pieces without batting an eye? How many three year olds request to see a cello, and then begin playing it?

My thoughts are that perhaps this child prodigy will mature in his music and then revisit some of his earlier pieces to add the 'depth' and voice so many other musicians claim will bring the title of 'masterpiece.'

As a musical infidel, however, all I can say is "I knows what I likes, and I likes what I hears."

Kiss a fightin' man's ass

That means you, Infojerks. Yeah, the 'big' media, wonks and wonkettes alike. The ones with the Ted Rall sense of humor and Brokejaw hair. You know who you are.

Read THIS.

Then pucker up, sweeties.

Warriors don't train endlessly and exhaustively to be withdrawn ignominiously from the battlefield before they can implement that training and achieve victory, simply because a well-intentioned but weak-willed segment of the citizenry can't abide the losses that the warriors themselves understand as necessary and sustainable.

You want to be throwing so much s**t at them they can’t possibly throw any thing back without getting hit. You want it to be totally one-sided for your side. There isn't anything fair about it at all and there shouldn't be.

Mutual Admiration

A HUGE thank you goes out to MsFalconersCabanaBoy of The Pajama Pack, who took pity upon my whining and even kindly wrote a separate post on Tributaries! I have always enjoyed your posts on Lucianne.com and find your blog to be even more fun! And thag you very buch for the compliments to my blog!


And that was the SHORT version!

*Whew!* Didn't know I had something to get off my chest! Well, that was three hours this morning used...*ahem* "profitably."

By way of Silent Running, an Australian blog with international contributors, an upclose and personal look into the massive protest in the Ukraine. Wind Rider warns : the rest of the world is watching.

Go Orange!

(psst! don't tell my father I said that. He'll think I'm rooting for the T-sips!)

I "Fish" Darwin

Normally, I don't wade into the creationism vs. evolution debates that prosper like single-celled animals in warm primordial soup. Or Free Republic, for that matter. One, it has been a LONG time since I exposed myself to the heart of the controversy over how this big beautiful earth came into being and my access to necessary data is out of date, anyway. My retention of time-tables, potassium-argon results, lithic artifacts, and archaeological sites was never very strong anyway...fuzzy, is more like it, even when I was in school...so to pursue the debate with my own share of scientific data would be like going back to college...which is not what I have time for.

Two : I don't trust a whole lot of websites discussing the issue to bring me up to date, because the one underlying thread amongst them all seems to have political overtones rather than sincere interest in promoting scientific method, both for the secularist as well as the creationist points.

Third: I have, since graduating from college in 1989 with a degree in Anthropology, decided that I can only ever have any influence in the here and now, and while geographic strata and the weird confluence of human characteristics may be fascinating, it has little bearing on whether or not my children will remember me when I am old and dying...or that God has something better in mind for me. So for the creationist portion of it, all I find myself agreeing with is that yes, Virginia, there is a God. But God is far far far far beyond my limited understanding, just on a personal level, and so if I cannot conceivably wrap my head around the entirety of God (no one can, not even the most devout Christian...but that is a debate for another day...a sincere Christian will know what I mean by that statement), then how can I possibly get the Entirety of His Physical Manifestation? It takes FAITH to believe that God would care enough to make His presence known in my life, much less that he anticipated my search 2000 years ago in His Son.

See, I don't really think it's the purpose of science, or belief for that matter, to wheedle out our ultimate origins, anyway. I mean, it's like getting lost in the forest: sooner or later, ANY point of reference becomes a beacon if its different than your surroundings. Oh, to be sure, one question leads to another, and one dig offers up more tantalizing evidence that *something* was here before us, but I dont believe it will EVER occur that we suddenly happen upon the Be All and End All Point of Origin, like some golden vessel hidden in the tomb somewhere. And while we pursue that golden vessel, I hear God sigh and mutter that we are missing the point.

I learned in anthro school that science began because of monks. Yes. Men of God. They began their days not just contemplating God, they deliberately set out to know the Mind of God. God, in His physical manifestation, gave them the Earth, and the world, in all its physical glory, became the Internet to these monks! Ever expanding, ever deepening, ever informing their perspective of God.

Naturally, this led to some shocks to their preconcieved notions of God.

What I am trying to get out in my discombabulated way is that Science, in its own origins, began with very spiritual and Christian purposes. A systematic approach that has yet to fail those serious in their study is the Scientific Method.

What is the Scientific Method? An excerpt from the link : "The scientific method is the process by which scientists, collectively and over time, endeavor to construct an accurate (that is, reliable, consistent and non-arbitrary) representation of the world."

What I see Creationism pointing out is the relationship between Artist and Audience. An Artist pours himself into his creation, and when finished steps back, hoping and wishing that the Audience he shows it to will appreciate it. The Audience, if paying attention, will not only applaud, but delve into the creation with an enthusiasm to find out more about it : how it was made, what inspired the Artist to do that, does this portion of the Work respond to this...so on and so forth. I think a Biblical scholar wastes his spiritual time trying to decipher the actual physical universe through the first book of Genesis. I think Creationism has a tendency to miss the Bigger Picture, and the Happy Grin on God's face falls a bit flatter every time we mistake his Work for a Mere Mechanism.

I aim this criticism at BOTH houses of thought.

The Book of Genesis tells us that God made the sun and moon, but He doesn't tell us HOW they move in His space, or WHY they move the way they do. I believe that He left that up to US to discover, to see if we are willing to take the time to discover his Work of Art and go through the process of unlocking the hidden delights. Science, in its attempt to organize the heretofore compiled data into some semblence of reasonable access, goes through the effort, but has a tendency to completely ignore the Big Guy standing next to it, fervently hoping that, for all our intense study, we just Like the Blessed Thing.

As I said, I try not to get involved in the pissing contests between evolutionary theorists and creationists. Frankly, I think both camps have very valid points. I'm just tired of the politicization of it. The creationists who take umbrage to evolution being 'force-fed' in public schools commit the very crime they accuse the secularists : implementing overbearing issues in a forum where personal responsibility is not being upheld to begin with.

Why aren't people getting after the TEACHERS to simply teach the scientific method? Is it really a danger to someone's religious belief to study the Linnean classification system? I cannot believe that there are THAT many science teachers who are so bereft of their own religious feeling that they purposefully seek to indoctrinate a theology that, in itself, cannot be questioned (which is what the creationists accuse evolution proponents of all the time). How can one assert scientific method and yet insist that it is the only point of view acceptable? It is not what *I* came out with for all of my biology/physics/chemistry classes. And creationism expects too much blindness of observation for me to accept it as the Be All and End All of explanations.

And for all the secularists who try to use the scientific method to prove their own non-religiosity, ergo, their 'objectivity,' your rudeness to the Artist proves more of your own pride and lack of appreciation and understanding than your purity of ambition. It's not the point of science to prove religion, or disprove it. If you want to do that, take up philosophy. Spend your time arguing with a wall. It does no harm to the wall, and you'll feel better when you run out of breath. But if you want science to succeed, focus more on teaching young people the TOOLS of science, rather than turning it into a...a...religion! Because any anthropologist will tell you : it does no good to exorcise the boogeyman when everyone else in the tribe keeps asking him back in. And there is probably a good sound reason for doing that. Suis generis, baby!

Just so that I can be clear to creationists and evolutionists alike : a pox on both your houses!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Cleaning House

Not to be confused with exorcising the last of the turkey leavings, or sweeping up the crumbs of pumpkin pie, or rewashing hand-towels that you swore you washed two days ago. One of the things I cannot seem to dissuade myself of doing since going quasi-cold turkey on blogging (ha!) is bookmarking articles of interest that I see float through the queu on Lucianne.com and Free Republic.

Here's the dribs and drabs of accumulated stuff.

~ Suddenly, the Russians are the focus of attention after a decade of floating in the primordial soup of Sovietski-free nation-building. Seems Putin is up to no good. What was it that Bush said about seeing into the soul of the Russian president?

~ Pajama Pack has made the Big Time on Lcom...damn, I'm jealous as hell. Can I tag along?

~ The Last Battle of Vietnam. If you don't know a Vietnam Vet, go find one. And tell them "thank you" with a HUGE hug. Word to the new generation of neo-hippies : your maggot-infested heros of the 60s taught you poorly. We've got their number, as well as yours. And we ain't taking names this time.

~ It was a CHRISTIAN holiday, Charlie Brown! Just a reminder for the lefties to go with the bad taste lingering from their thumping defeat in the election. Yes, I am kind that way....

*sigh* And now, time for bed. Hubby put the lights up and is rewarding himself with a John Wayne movie...the one with the tenacious teenage girl who attaches herself to the mercenary she employs to hunt down her father's killer. Love John Wayne, hate the girl. Glenn Campbell is in this one...its annoying to watch him because I can't get the refrain of "Rhinestone Cowboy" out of my mind. Ugh. Memories of seeing him at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo at the height of 70s cowboy mania. Give me Rooster Cogburn!

Well, there's always "Hatari"....

The Princess Giggle Face has to get to bed now. I am quietly experiencing some glee because there has been some United Nations-like negotiations going on between me and the hubby where homeschooling is concerned. Long story short, I know what it is that has to be done, its he who is still waffling in the zone of "sanctions before action." I love him dearly, but this is a man who took an entire year to decide he needed to buy a new car.

Nitey nite for now...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I almost forgot!

How could I be so rude!? Let's have the Aussies for Thanksgiving as well! Especially since they share the American experience in the cost of living in the wilderness and understanding how much a bountiful harvest can mean to freedom.

Hell...let's have all the Allies of the Anglosphere!

Some tips from Dave Barry.

The Real History of Thanksgiving

Also found this bit of goodness on Free Republic : Why the Pilgrims Abandoned Communism. Something to think about as you digest the food.

Just to make it 'kosher'.

President Bush's Thanksgiving Proclamation.

A Letter to the Brits the Day Before Thanksgiving

My beloved British friends,

Seems we Yanks have imported a holiday to our cousins across the Pond. The interest in Thanksgiving has been "apparently caused by United States television shows like Friends and Will and Grace, while interest in the more traditional harvest festivals was waning." This is excellent news, because secretly we've been wanting to invite you to this party for a long time, especially since it was one of your own that came up with this to begin with. And then of course, there is the problem of what to do with all that turkey. Never let it be said that we didn't want to share all the prosperity. So this letter is written to not only welcome you to the groaning table, but to recommend a couple of things as you head into the long weekend of feasting :

All I can recommend for the newcomers to the generations-old celebration is buy plenty of freezer bags and learn to love turkey sandwiches and turkey soup and turkey pot pie and turkey...well, you get the picture.

Also, it ain't Turkey Day unless there is SOUTHERN cornbread dressing and cranberry jelly from a can. And sweet potatoes. And green bean casserole. And...and...

Oh yikes! I have a dinner to prepare!!!

Most of all, and I am quite serious here : do not forget to thank God. 'Cause that's what it really was about. God.

Oh, I'm sorry (not!)...did I freak the little secularists out?

Booga booga, I said "GOD!"

DO NOT FORGET TO THANK GOD. Thank God for the earth, for the waters, for the plants, for the days and nights, the work that brings us harvest, the play that brings us beauty and joy, for the little ones getting curious about the world, and the oldsters who can guide you through it. For the days of blessing when everything goes right, and be extra thankful there is a notion that we can turn to someOne when days are the darkest and we have nowhere else to go. Be thankful, thankful, thankful in your warm dry house that there are those who are willing to put up with rotten conditions and MREs and ridiculous beaurocratic routine, not to mention murderous and hellacious demons in the night ready to dismantle and dismember at the slightest sign of weakness, thankful that there are those willing to stand up as a front line barrier so that the murderous and hellacious devilspawn do not reach into the softer parts of civilization and reap their own harvest of pain and death and grief and loathing. Be thankful, thankful, thankful. Give Praise to God for remembering us, especially when we forgot all about Him.

Of course, holidays like this one always spur a load of memories for us Yanks : gradeschool children dressing up in Pilgrim and Indian outfits, famous family recipes, overloaded plates, football games and the like. Here in Texas, T-Day is rounded off by the intensely watched and intensely played game of the Texas Aggies vs the University of Texas Longhorns. You'll either Gig 'Em, or Hook 'Em, but Thanksgiving's not over until the final hurrah of the final quarter on the Friday afterwards.

And who says Texans are dumb? Long ago, in the early mists of yesteryear when the Aggies and Longhorns were plotting out their first few games, they devised to place their monumental strivings against each other on the First Shopping Day of Christmas - hence the football fans could watch their games in peace and the Wimmen could slip out of the house and into the local markets without so much as a backward glance. Both men and women happy doing what they like to do most. See? It all works out!

Back to memories : a GENUINE American Thanksgiving is always modified by the cultural influences of the family. My mother's German additives were simple things, like the smoked sausage and cheese laid out as appetizer while the family prepared the food. My father's Italian mother always included some kind of favorite pasta dish. I can recall several Thanksgivings where her love was expressed in three huge bowls of spaghetti, gnocci, and homemade ravioli.

But it was ALL American you know? And if the Brits want to join in, the only decent American thing to do is to say "JUMP RIGHT IN!! We'd love to have you...there's plenty to go around!!"

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! And pass the gravy, please....

Monday, November 22, 2004

Somewhere, beyond the sea

A pod of dolphins protects swimmers in New Zealand waters. Amazing stuff. I'm not into the New Agey thing about dolphins being some nautical version of humans, but stuff like this really makes one wonder what makes them so intelligent and how they are consistently attracted to humans.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Because the waters led me here

Okay...so I thought I was never going to do a blog again. I mean I PROMISED. Well, on this one I am not going to focus on trying to get an audience. It was just too much. And I really dont care much about being polite, or politic, or 'fair' or 'balanced this time. There will be times I will be insufferably rude, and that will all be because of the temperament a poster finds me in. Yes, I will plead the PMS, both pre and post, and there will be no looking back. Because I mean for this to eventually be something else...as soon as I can figure out a way to wave my magic wand and have this template do what I want it to.

Having said that, I will post on anything ranging from crochet, to volunteering at the hospital, to raising my daughter, to current events, and then scandalizing everyone with the news that I am an associate in the Order of St. Benedict after all. God and I are having conversations about sarcasm and anger. You let HIM do the work. Most are not good enough to correct me anyway, and the sarcasm I exude will be my exercise in futility.

Well. That's all I have to say for now. Until I post again...